Train To Compete (u16-u23)

Train to Compete

Ages: Girls 15-21 / Boys 16-23


In the Train to Compete stage (females 15-21, males 16-23), athletes choose one sport in which they will train to excel. Athletes will train to solidify their sport-specific and position-specific skills and all of their physical capacities. These athletes are aiming to compete in national and international events.

At the Train to Compete stage of LTAD, this is where competition becomes “serious.” Athletes enter this stage if they have chosen to specialize in one sport and excel at the highest level of competition possible.

Athletes need to commit to high-volume and high-intensity training throughout the year. Instruction in topics such as nutrition, sport psychology, recovery and regeneration, injury prevention, and injury management also become very important. 

Formal competition becomes more prominent in annual periodized training, competition and recovery plans, and includes major national and international events.

Train to Compete athletes are not the average community sport program participant. They are committed athletes with recognized talent who have chosen an elite pathway that few others pursue.