FUNdamentals (U6-U10)

Stage Two - FUNdamentals

Age: Girls - u6-u8 / Boys - u6-u10


During the FUNdamental stage (females 6-8, males 6-9), children should develop fundamental movement skills, including the ABCs of Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. Children should participate in a fun and challenging multi-sport environment.

Early elementary school age children need to participate in a variety of well-structured activities that develop basic skills. However, activities and programs need to maintain a focus on fun, and formal competition should only be minimally introduced.

Children should be exposed to a variety of sports and physical activities throughout the year, developing their interests and motivation while avoiding the danger of burnout through premature specialization.

Learning fundamental movement skills throughout this stage is a key to the overall development of physical literacy. The ABCs of Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed are foundation blocks for developing fundamental movement skills.

Gorge Programming

Ref: Canadian Long Term Player Development (LTPD) – FUNdamentals

Age Group

6 and 7 year olds

Birth years 2008 and 2007

Note: Gorge is flexible on age and gender groups and placement – we want the player to be with a group where they will feel comfortable/confident and have success.  We think they should be placed with “like” players (like skill/ability, like motivation, like physicality, like maturity). 

Some call this soft-tiering … Gorge calls it, player-centric.


Gender separate teams

Although upon request, girls are permitted to be on a boys team


Training – Monday 5-6pm at Hampton

Games - Saturday Morning – 830am or 930am @ Hampton park cage (turf)

Cost: $150.00

Jersey (t-shirt) supplied

Shorts and soccer cleats (runners are fine when the players are on turf or in gym)

Shin guards are mandatory.

Primary Goals:


Physical literacy, exercise, coordination, decision making, confidence, teamwork, motivation, and basic ball skills.

Our goal is to offer our youngest players an opportunity to learn about soccer in a fun and engaging way.  Weekly practices will be devoted to a combination of skills and small-sided scrimmages for the U7/8 groups, where we introduce more aspects of game and team play.

Participants can expect a Coach to Player Ratio of 1:10

For the fall and winter we also offer an additional Futsal program for some of the more advanced U7 & U8 age players.  This program is run in a school gymnasium which allows players a consistent and warm environment to learn new skills.  Players will benefit from using the walls and specially designed Futsal balls to enhance every touch of the ball.  The contained environment also helps to build the energy and excitement for each participant.  This program has been very well received in every region where it has been implemented across the province.

Example of a standard lesson plan (based on CSA's LTPD FUNdamental)

  • Physical literacy component/warm up - game of tag, relay races, stop and go type activities
  • Technical development component - mini games focused on fun and interaction with the ball
  • Game play - mini games with 1-3 players against each other for a short period of time
  • Last 5-10 min - conventional 3v3 scrimmaging against own teammates or group beside