Respecting The Refs

Some points about our refs...

1. When you play at home, these referees are Gorge players (away , they are supplied by the other club)
2. These are young children/teens just learning the game … they will make mistakes (like all of us do)
3. They need encouragement
4. They need to gain confidence
5. Iif faced with a lot of criticism and negative / abusive behaviour they will quit!
Iif a ref reports abuse after the game, you may end up in front of the President and it may be the last time you coach. Bottom line is --> You are not playing world cup soccer - in fact, you are not reporting scores or standings (u13-u18 excepted) so what is the big deal if there is a "bad" call!!

Things NOT to do…

- do NOT yell at the ref during the game
- do NOT allow your parents to yell at the ref during the game
- do NOT allow your players to yell at the ref during the game
- do NOT show disrespect towards the ref in front of your players (i.e. bad mouth them, say the ref cost you the game, etc.)

Things to do…

- Talk to the ref before the game and introduce yourself, provide positive feedback for the ref after the game
- At the end of the game…
- During your team cheer for the other team, a cheer for the ref is also appreciated. - After your cheer, go shake the other teams hands, then have your team go shake the ref's hand. Provide minor constructive feedback to the ref after the game if she/he needs it. A good example would be … suggestion to blow whistle louder, talk louder, etc.

Our refs are being instructed to do the following if being abused by coaches / players / fans...

1. Stop the game and come to the clubhouse to get an executive

2. Executive will then come out on the field to rectify the problem (i.e. kick offending person out of the park)

Remember … The coaches are ultimately responsible for the conduct of their teams, including spectators on their sidelines. It is the coach’s responsibility to educate their players in the game of soccer, which includes showing respect towards a referee.

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